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If you’ve got young children or pets, you know how hard it can be to keep the garden looking great.

There’s that patch of dry grass where the kids play football or that hole where the dog is constantly burying his bone.

If you live in Hammersmith, W6, there’s not much we can do about the dog, but we can help you maintain a lawn with the perfect spots for everyone. Keep your flowers protected and your lawn green with our lawn care. We’re offering great prices for our lawn mowing services, so call 020 3540 7776 for a free quote today.

Lawn Edging W6 Lawn Care Services Hammersmith

Gardens in Hammersmith, W6 most certainly make your property more valuable.

But if you aren’t looking to sell your home, you may see the regular garden and lawn maintenance as more of a chore than something to value, especially if you have a large garden.

For excellent lawn care in Hammersmith, W6 including lawn mowing and garden tidy ups, think of hiring our team of expert gardeners. You’ll get fantastic lawn maintenance for a great price and you’ll receive our superior customer care as well. We’re always available to our customers to answer questions or provide a garden service at 020 3540 7776 .

W6 lawn mowing Hammersmith

Quote K. Johns

Impeccable in every aspect, the gardener delivers all services promised with great attention to detail.

Quote Mike Crow

Amazing job accomplished! With unwavering focus, the experts delivered everything within the allotted deadline.

Quote Darnel M

The gardeners here are truly experts in their field, and it shows through their dedication, enthusiasm and advice.

Quote C. Humphries

I love this gardening company. I hire them to do things for me in Hammersmith I can no longer do myself due to time constraints and a lack of energy! Their team are always enthusiastic, hard-working and knowledgeable. Importantly, they always do great work.

Quote Melody Frank

I am very glad that I called Home Garden in W6. It looks as though I spent thousands of pounds on my garden. Little does anyone know it only cost a fraction of that!

Quote David P.

My yard in W6 is lovely and a work of living art, especially after they get done with the hedge pruning.

Quote V. Addison

Extremely reliable and efficient garden care in Hammersmith. Home Garden knows what they are doing and offer great pricing. Do yourself the favour and call them!

Lawn Mowing is just one of the Things our Company Specialises in W6

Finding the right gardening service in London, and particularly in Hammersmith and W6 can be a bit of a chore.

You’ll probably try out one or two before you’re completely happy with the quality and pricing.

You might question all the neighbours as to whom they use for their garden care, and you may even try to undertake all that work on your own. But now that you’ve found us, we’re glad you’re here. Below are some links that may be useful: Soho, Marylebone, Lampton, Cranford, Acton, Piccadilly, Acton, West Ealing, North Kensington, Holland Park. W3, TW5, W2, UB3, W11, W12, TW7, UB6, UB10, W9.

Prices for gardening services

Price Workers Additional hours
Gardening services from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Garden Clearance from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Lawn Care & Repair from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Tree Surgery Contact customer service for a special offer
Outdoor repairs
Jet Wash from £4 / sq m
Call Us on 02035407776 for the Best Home Garden Designs

Leave the Lawn Mowing to our Professional Helpers in Hammersmith, W6

Many people who are leasing their home don’t know that they too can have great gardens.

They may think it’s entirely up to the landlord.

But if you lease a home in W6, W3 or TW5 you could have a beautiful garden with a little help from our gardening professionals. Find out what your lease allows, then ring us up on 020 3540 7776 for our garden clean up or patio cleaning service. We can do all your lawn care as well, so you won’t have to. Our gardeners are experts in every sense of the word, so call now!

W6 maintaining lawns Hammersmith

Save a Buck with our Lawn Morning Services in Hammersmith

Even if you are leasing your property, it is still possible to take great pride in your garden.

Whether you live in your UB10 or W9 home for the long term or are just a temporary resident, we can make you feel at home in your garden.

Try our gardening services today for your North Kensington or Holland Park home and you’ll see the difference right away. Remember to call 020 3540 7776 for a free quote from the gardening service in London which can really deliver value for your money. Home Garden will have you loving your garden again!

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