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Do you dream of a beautiful garden? One that will simply take your breath away? If you haven’t got round to putting on your gardening gloves, it is time to hire the right company to help you with gardening. You can have any garden you like, as beautiful as you wish. Thanks to our amazing gardening professionals, you can have the garden you have always longed for. Home Garden always provides the best services to clients and with you it will be no different. There is no doubt about it, you will love the work of our experts. Their work is phenomenal. Until you see with your own eyes what they can do, you will not believe just how wonderful they are.

They have a real gift for garden design. Envision the kind of garden you would love to have and describe it to our experts. If you want to book with us right away, you are certainly making the best decision. We are one of the leading companies offering excellent value for money so you are guaranteed to be impressed with the service you receive. All you need to do is call our office today on 020 3540 7776 and we can help you, answer your questions and we’d even be happy to supply you with a quote, completely free of charge.


We have been running for a total of a decade. Therefore, there will be no need for worries and concerns. We have maintained a stable reputation for the past ten years that has never wavered. You are guaranteed to be impressed with our gardening services – they are truly fantastic. Plus, you needn’t worry about the price. We understand that most do not have money to waste. We appreciate that, which is why we try our best to keep our prices as low as we can manage.

Home Garden

We offer a huge range of services such as London garden design, hedge trimming and pruning, garden maintenance and much more! We are only one little phone call away. 020 3540 7776 is the number to call so please don’t forget to get in touch with us now and we would gladly answer your questions and lend you advice if you need it. Our customer service is superb. Every member of the team knows what he or she is talking about and they are very helpful. You will be amazed by what our experts can do. They can turn your garden right around for you.

Home Garden

For garden tidy ups, landscaping and much more to do with your garden, you can find it all here at Home Garden. Our team of London gardeners have been working with us for a great deal of time now and we can tell you now that they are by far the best you will find if you are looking for true and utter experts to be left with sorting out your garden for you. With their expertise and years of experience, your garden will be perfectly safe in their hands. They handle your garden with love and care and will settle for nothing less than perfect. So you are certainly guaranteed to expect fantastic results. Get the garden you want and deserve by hiring us now. Our prices, services and staff are amazing. It is simple. Get in touch now at 020 3540 7776 and let us help you with whatever you need. We promise you nothing less than the absolute best. Whatever gardening service you need, we are just a phone call away and we are always ready and more than delighted to help you! You won’t look back.

Our Testimonials
Myra D. 31/03/2019
I hired Home Garden on the recommendation of one of my neighbours. The gardeners have been wonderful. The garden has never been so beautifu.
David Ansen 28/07/2019
If you are in need of top-notch gardening services, Home Garden are the best there is. Their gardeners are professional and polite, plus they get the job much quicker than my previous company.
Matt Young 28/02/2020
My pop passed away about six months ago, and I have been trying to help mum out around their flat since then, but I couldn't keep up. I decided to hire gardeners from Home Garden to handle the yard work. They've done a terrific job and charge fairly reasonable rates for weekly visits.
Lonnie W. 27/08/2019
That is the landscaping service that most of my neighbours use. I recently hired them, and they've done a wonderful job for me. They are fairly inexpensive as well.
Sam Milner 27/05/2019
There are plenty of local landscaping companies to choose from, but these guys are by far the best I've ever hired. They were absolute professionals and had the job done in under two hours.
Leandra Wilson 27/02/2020
Gardening chores are not exactly my forte, so I wanted to hire a professional landscaping service to care for my property. Home Garden was recommended by several of my neighbours, and their prices were very reasonable. They have been doing a phenomenal job. The garden looks perfect.
Lucille Rodriguez 26/06/2019
I was hosting the wedding reception for my niece at my property. I hired Home Garden gardeners to clear up and do garden design. It turned out absolutely perfectly. It was more beautiful than anticipated. I would definitely hire them again.
Essie R. 23/04/2019
I am more than happy with their landscapers. They did an incredible job with my garden. It looks fabulous.
N. Morris 22/03/2019
We recently bought and fixed up a rental home. We hired Home Garden to do some work in the garden. They did a wonderful job; it turned out beautifully.
Lynne W. 20/02/2020
Their landscape designers suggested that I incorporate lighting in my garden, which I did. The result is a magical, evening wonderland! I even went out and purchased a few garden gnomes to cap the whole thing off! So cute! I will use them again
Michaela L. 19/05/2019
I could not believe how fabulous my garden looked when the gardeners from Home Garden were through with it. They have some of the lowest prices on the block too!
Audrey 14/08/2019
I had a few people over to my house and wanted it to look perfect. I hired Home Garden gardeners to make the yard look beautiful. They didn't disappoint. It turned out exactly the way I'd imagined.
Leni K. 14/05/2019
Home Garden has one of the best gardening crews in the hood. They are professional, and my garden always looks fabulous. I would recommend their services.
Jason H. 12/04/2019
I hired their gardening crew to do some work at my parents' house. They always do a good job and are some of the nicest blokes I've met.
Louise L. 09/09/2019
The gardeners did a lovely job at my flat. They were recommended by a friend and were surprisingly cheap, especially when compared to other landscaping services in the area.
Heather F. 07/07/2019
I am selling my property, and I hired this gardening service to tidy up the yard. They did a wonderful job and finished before I knew it. I would absolutely hire them again.
Helen P. 06/07/2019
That is, by far, one of the best landscaping services I have worked with! Their landscapers are professional and super friendly. My garden has never looked better.
Andrea F. 06/03/2019
I positively adore this gardening team. They always do a wonderful job in my garden. I get compliments all of the time and have recommended the services to numerous neighbours.
Monica Shepherd 05/08/2019
The landscaping company I used to use recently went out of business, and a neighbour recommended this gardening service. The gardeners do great work, and they charge less than most of their competition.
Reesa K. 01/09/2019
My mum is getting up there in age and is unable to keep up the work on the garden as much as she used to. A friend suggested we hire gardeners from Home Garden. They have done a really wonderful job, and they charge less than most other landscaping services.