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Does your garden look overgrown and unruly? Do you want some extra help? Make sure you hire us now Home Garden, we are the best gardening professionals to help with lawn maintenance or design a new look for your outdoors space. Nowadays, we are busy with work and family and can’t always manage to fit in extra jobs such as mowing the lawn weeding, pruning and trimming hedges. A garden can take a lot of time and energy so if you can handle it make sure you call us 020 3540 7776 .

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Our gardeners are the best and are qualified at dealing with all gardening tasks, from small chores to constructing and landscaping a complete new look. We can advice you on the best plant life and flowers that will grow in your soil. If you want to take gardening up as a new interest we can be of assistance and get you on the road to enjoying this new hobby. In addition our reliable gardening team can help individuals with gardens that are getting too big to care for. You can call us for all of your maintenance work to building new waterfall, birdbaths and pergolas. Having a nice area to enjoy outside will improve your life and give you some extra living space when the weather is warm. Gardens are to be enjoyed and it really will make a difference to your life, having a nice environment to relax after work with family and friends.

South London is the southernmost area of the city of London in England. The area is made up of Bexley, Croydon, Bromley, Kingston, Greenwich, Merton, Lewisham, Richmond, Sutton, Southwark and Wandsworth. This area of London has historical areas of Lambeth, Bankside, Greenwich and Southwark. This area of London has lots to explore crowded streets with churches, warehouses, wharves, cobbled streets that lead to pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. The energetic life here of the daily commuters makes it a buzzing place. Famous buildings include the Shard by Renzo Piano's, a

magnificent 72 storey built phenomenon, which is in fact the tallest buildings in Western Europe. The only crossing on the River Thames was the London Bridge up until 1750. Other famous attractions are the Tate modern, the Royal Observatory, regal and naval buildings, the London eye, the national theatre and more. There really are lots to discover in this amazing city. The river bus services are a speedy way to see the sights of London that link central London with Greenwich and takes about 40 minutes.


Home Garden

We are the leading gardening professionals and can handle all of your gardening services. For all of our services and costs contact us now 020 3540 7776 . Our staff can answer all of your queries concerning gardening dilemmas. We know that gardening chores can take time, so let us help you. We are the best and have experience in all matters concerning your outside space, so call us Home Garden. From lawn maintenance, leaf collection to laying new decked patios we are her to make the most of your outside plot. Don’t let it sit there building up weeds and rubbish let us take control and make it the best room in the house! Gardens can be enjoyed like other parts of your home, and having a nice garden to relax when you have free time is wonderful. Gardening doesn’t have to be hard work we can design one that is easy to maintain and look good all the year round. So don’t hesitate and get in touch for all of our latest offers.

Our Testimonials
John Crowley 25/03/2019
I encourage those of you on the fence, to consider taking a chance on Home Garden. We've been using their lawn mowing service in South East London for quite a while now. They're good, fast and don't make a mess.
Carey J. 23/05/2019
Home Garden's website lives up to their own claims. Booked them for some basic lawn care maintenance in South East London a couple of years ago, and haven't looked back since.
M. G. 18/03/2020
Good call, booking Home Garden's lawn care service. Prices for South East London are competitive, the guys are nice. Will use again.
Verne M. 10/08/2019
This positive review of Home Garden's lawn care services is long overdue. They did the absolute best lawn care we've ever had. Our yard in South East London is always green now and weeds free.
Geraldine C. 04/09/2019
Brown patches are a thing of the past! Finally! We've always been plagued with those horrid brown patches spattered all over the lawn. Home Garden sent a few of their chaps out; they put some of their gardening magic mix on them and Voila! No more brown patches in South East London!