Terms & Conditions

The rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties involved in the Agreement are stated below. The words ‘you’ or ‘your’ in this Agreement refer to the Customer; ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to Home Garden and ‘teams’ and ‘providers’ refer to contracted third parties who carry out gardening services. These terms and conditions are subject to amendment and can be changed without prior written notice. Please ensure you understand the cancellation policy in Clause 4 below.


You should ensure you check the details outlined in these Terms and Conditions and on the Order Confirmation are accurate and correct before committing yourself to a contract.

Bookings and Confirmation

1.    At the point you make a booking with us you are required to provide us with an accurate description of your garden and its size. Home Garden reserves the right to make changes and amendments to its quote and charge for any additional work required.

2.    If provided with inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete information or instructions we reserve the right to cancel the Order or make an additional charge of a reasonable amount to cover the required extra work.

3.    You must ensure that your premises is accessible by providing a set of keys in advance or ensuring there is someone at the property when the work is scheduled.

4.    On confirmation of a job, a reservation of a timeslot for undertaking the services will be made. Please be advised that confirmation of times are only estimates as we are not in control of given circumstances including but not limited to bad weather, traffic or force majeure situations.

5.    Parking arrangements remain your responsibility and you may be required to contact your district council to request a parking permit or suspension to enable services to be provided to you. Any parking fines issued during our service provision are to be paid by the customer.

6.    Extra charges may be incurred including: congestion charge of £11.50 or additional charges if your property is outside the M25 (calculated on distance). Be advised that our prices are covered by our Terms and Conditions.

7.    In situations where our teams have to travel further than 3 miles to collect keys for access to the property, an additional charge will be incurred and calculated by the distance required to travel before access is possible.

Prices and Payment

1.    We base our prices on information and pictures supplied by you. We have the right to amend our Quote or Order Confirmation if it is deemed necessary.

2.    Home Garden’s services are payable in cash and should be paid to our operatives on site when work is completed.

3.    There is a minimum charge for corresponding services as detailed below:

(a)    Minimum £78 fee of 2 hours for all our services, charged at the hourly rate. Prices are estimated on information provided by the customer and we endeavour to be accurate. However, if a job takes longer than originally planned for, the same hourly rates are applicable. £45 for two gardeners for the first hour and £33 for additional hours. If a job is completed in less time than estimated, you will be charged for the time to complete the work which is subject to our minimum two hour charge of £78.
(b)    Please note that up to 3 (180-litre) garden waste bags are included in our quote. Each additional bag is £3 if required.
(c)    There is a minimum callout charge for Jet wash services which is £48. To jet wash areas bigger than 20 square metres, an additional charge of £2 per square metre will apply.

Re-Schedule and Cancellation of Bookings

1.    Home Garden has the right to charge £15 if you reschedule/cancel our appointment with short notice, i.e. less than 24 hours prior to the job.

2.    If you, the client decide to cancel gardening services upon arrival, we reserve the right to charge a £20 cancellation fee which is only applicable and charged for travelling expenses.


1.    Adequate lighting and water must be provided by you in order for us to provide a professional and quality service.

2.    Home Garden reserve the right to cancel the appointment in instances where the wellbeing or safety of our teams is threatened due to a hazardous environment. You will be liable for any charges or fees which may be accrued from third parties if our services are not completed in these circumstances.

3.    You or your representative must be present at the end of the job in order to inspect the quality of work and sign it off as being completed to your satisfaction. If you or your representative is not present, your acceptance of our service as satisfactory will be implicit.

4.    Every endeavour will be made to arrive and carry out the services on time. However, delays can happen due to circumstances beyond our control and in such cases, we will complete the job as soon as possible.

5.    We retain the right to sub-contract any or all the services we provide.

The services provided by Home Garden are subject to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

NOTE: homegarden.org.uk aims to deal with any issues arising from our service provision as soon as possible. Any complaint received later than 7 working days from the date of services provided will NOT be dealt with.