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How do you vision your perfect garden? Hold that vision in your mind and keep it there. Then, get in touch with Home Garden and hire us for landscaping. We’ve been providing clients with all kinds of garden services for years and few have had any complaints about them. One of our many talents is this and with our qualified landscape gardeners, you can have that exactly garden you envision. We are a company with a great deal of experience behind us. You can absolutely count on us for anything and everything you need. If you need professional London garden design, we do offer that and we are incredibly talented at it. It won’t be a mistake if you hire us. For a decade we have been supplying clients with fantastic services that meet their every need.


You will be amazed by how good we are. We like to provide our customers with top quality services which is why our experts set high standards and indeed meet high standards. You will be simply amazed by how great they are at what they do. If you would like to ask any questions or if you want to book straight away today, just call us today on 020 3540 7776 .

There are so many reasons why so many people struggle to get around to gardening. Most of the time, it is down to a great lack of time in their lives. Of course, this is indeed understandable. Most people do not have adequate time in their life to do everything they need on a daily basis. Most of the time, the garden tends to be forgotten. Whilst doing the garden for many may not be a priority in comparison to all the other chores one has to do, it can bring your entire home down if your garden isn’t looking its best. When you invite guests over for a summer barbeque or something, you want to be able to show off your garden. However, if it does not look that great, there is nothing to show off. Hire our landscape gardeners London today and let them give your garden a complete transformation. It will look like you have never seen it before. So if you want to book for a landscape gardener or more, call 020 3540 7776 to book a date. Our gardening experts will be happy to help you!

Prices for gardening services

PriceWorkersAdditional hours
Gardening servicesfrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Garden Clearancefrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Lawn Care & Repairfrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Tree Surgeryfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Landscapingfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Outdoor repairsfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Jet Washfrom £2.5 / sq m
Gutter Cleaningfrom £12
Window cleaningfrom £1

If you have always wanted a lovely garden in which you can sit and enjoy in the summer or invite guests over for summer parties, book with Home Garden today for landscaping. Our qualified landscape gardeners are truly professional in every possible way. They know what they are doing and they are incredibly talented. Our team of gardening professionals have undergone a long period of training which is why they meet the high standards that they do. You would not believe just how professional they are. They are absolutely fantastic.

If you are seeking garden design, you can rely on us to provide to you and we promise you that it will only be the very best. You honestly will not believe your eyes when you see the amazing results! You will, quite simply, be blown away by the beauty of your new and stunning garden. So give us a chance to show you that we are the best. For further information, please get in touch now on 020 3540 7776 and we’ll be very happy to help! Plus, we will give you a free quote straight over the telephone! Call now for great gardening deals!

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Our Testimonials
S. Muresan 2022/08/01
I hired their landscape gardeners for a load of work. I'm glad I put this company on the job. They carried out a load of faultless work for me.
Steven A 2022/07/31
Home Garden and their landscape gardeners did brilliantly for me. I needed my fences to be put up, plus some other work. They took care of it all to a professional standard.
Pia H 2022/07/07
I'm glad I trusted their crack team of landscape gardeners to handle things for me. It was a big job that needed to be taken care of by professionals. I certainly hired the right team of professionals.
Iona H 2022/07/06
The landscape gardeners from this company knew how to handle the situation. They assured me they would, and thankfully, I hired the right team. They came through for me. It was all very impressive.

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