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Owning a house with a huge garden is not only a lot of work, but it can be quite a financial burden as well.

Whereas, if you are renting and something goes wrong, you just call the landlord.

Not so when you are a homeowner in Harlington. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the small things keeping the house together – the leaky tap, the peeling paint, etc. you probably don’t get out into the garden much. Having our landscape gardeners come by for a regular lawn mowing can make you proud of your property in UB3.

UB3 Garden Design Harlington

It’s never too early to start planning for your UB3 garden’s appearance.

As the weather begins to turn and blooms begin to fade, there is still so much to do in the garden in order to prepare it for the next season.

Our qualified landscape gardeners' services are the perfect solution to get your Harlington garden looking just the way you’d like it to. We can help you create a truly amazing spot for an outdoor escape just outside your back door. One of our garden tidy ups or a garden clearance can be booked at best value this week, so do not miss the opportunity!

UB3 landscape gardeners Harlington

Quote Amy T.

The team's hard work and commitment to cleanliness despite the rain was greatly appreciated.

Quote Edward M.

Working with Home Garden means getting top-quality service in record time.

Quote Dinas

I am confident in saying that Home Garden is the best choice for all your lawn care needs.

Quote T. Terry

Our experience with Home Garden has been nothing but positive for our gardening project - they did an amazing job!

Quote Barbara

The gardeners were efficient, punctual, courteous, well-informed and even custom-made a gate for me instead of buying one to ensure a perfect fit.

Quote Dean L.

Admirable individual, neat work. Punctual and an exemplary job accomplished!

Quote Larry S.

As professional gardeners go, this team are the cream of the crop as far as I'm concerned. Based on my experience hiring such services in Harlington, I can say that they're the best in the business.

Quote Adamson

They arrived at my place in Harlington on time and quickly started with the lawn mowing. They were efficient and worked as per my requirements. I highly recommend them.

Quote S. M.

By far, the best landscaping service you'll ever find in UB3. They come to my property on a routine basis, and take care of the hedge pruning, lawn mowing, and whatever else needs a little pick me up. I trust my yard to them wholeheartedly and will not use another company, period.

Get Valuable Help from our Landscape Gardeners in Harlington, UB3

It’s that time of year again, the end of a long summer that has provided us with a lot of great weather.

That means plenty of people have been doing a lot of gardening in Harlington, Soho and Shepherds Bush.

But doing your own gardening and getting the garden ready for a long winter are two very different things. The larger jobs are still to come, which is why it’s a good idea to call Home Garden as soon as you get a chance. We’ll get you on the schedule ASAP for a garden clean up, a leaf clearance London or a patio cleaning.

Prices for gardening services

Price Workers Additional hours
Gardening services from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Garden Clearance from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Lawn Care & Repair from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Tree Surgery Contact customer service for a special offer
Outdoor repairs
Jet Wash from £4 / sq m
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Landscape Gardeners in UB3 with Superior Techniques

There’s a tendency to think that DIY garden projects are always cheaper than hiring a professional to get the job done.

But when you factor in the time you must spend gathering materials, buying equipment and out digging in your South Ealing or Chiswick garden, it’s actually quite an investment.

Our gardening experts can do whatever job you need done in the garden so you won’t have to get your hands dirty. We’ll even do a patio cleaning or a garden clearance, two of the least-favourite jobs of any home gardener in UB6, W9 or W4. Ring us up today for more information!

Harlington landscape and garden design UB3

Landscape Gardeners in Harlington born with a “Green Thumb”

Our regular lawn care and garden maintenance services are the basis of our business.

Our repeat customers rely on our gardening professionals to show up every week, or every two weeks, on time and ready to get the job done in their UB10, W5 or W8 gardens.

But we also have many customers who call on us when they need an extra helping hand around the garden for those bigger jobs. If you need a patio cleaning, a garden clean up or a leaf clearance London in Holland Park or South Ealing but just can’t do it all yourself, then you need us!

garden landscape design Harlington

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