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Plenty of amateur gardeners hire garden maintenance companies once in a while and it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! If you have a large garden in Perivale, professional landscaping services could be absolutely necessary at certain times of the year.

Consider what happens in autumn - there are vegetables to be harvested, plants to be repotted and brought in from the cold, the greenhouse to tidy and much, much more.

If you are trying to prepare your UB6 garden for the winter, why don't you call in the reinforcements? Our gardening experts can do the landscaping jobs quicker and easier than any others.

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You may think that a professional gardening service wouldn’t be able to solve your particular garden issues.

But perhaps you haven’t found the service you need in Perivale listed on this or other garden landscaping company's website.

But unless you contact us, you cannot be sure. Here our flexibility comes in. Why don't you speak with someone today about your garden maintenance needs and see whether we can help with your particular situation? Our landscaping professionals will solve any problem around the London UB6 areas. Get a free gift with booking a package today!

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Quote Lauren Berglund

My furry companions are ecstatic with their new green space thanks to these professionals' hard work and dedication.

Quote Chris Osborn

The speed with which Home Garden delivers quotes is a true testament to their dedication and expertise.

Quote Nicki S.

My trust in Home Garden as my lawn care provider grows with each passing year.

Quote Joseph Bailey

After using Home Garden's services, we can confidently say that our garden is in good hands.

Quote Pauline

The security of my home and pets is now a top priority thanks to the hard work of these gardeners.

Quote Eric Coleman

Thanks to Home Garden, our garden has been completely revitalized and turned into a stunning outdoor space. Would highly recommend them for their professional and efficient service.

Quote L. Wellingbrook

The landscaping work Home Garden did for me in Perivale was carried out to perfection. I thought it was a big job, but the experts they sent around handled it with ease.

Quote Nikki

You can always lean on Home Garden for quality gardening services in Perivale. I have the best garden in my neighbourhood.

Quote Barbra

Terrific gardeners! Can't believe the improvement that they made with just a couple visits to my uncles property in Perivale. He's a bit on the elder side, and his yard was just falling apart. They sent their crews who began with the garden clearance, then kept at it until it was looking like a yard again. To be honest, it did take a couple visits, and I understand why, there was a lot of mess there. In the end, a resounding success!

Get Amazing Results with our Landscaping Services in Perivale, UB6

Does anyone really love doing lawn care? You have to haul out the mower, spend hours pushing it around the overgrown yard and then somehow get rid of all the trimmings.

If you are like many of your neighbours in Perivale, there are plenty of things that you could think of that you’d rather be doing.

If you’d like someone else to do the lawn mowing, lawn care and lawn maintenance for your West Ealing, Fulham or Bedford Park garden, then you’ve found the gardeners for the job – Home Garden! Call 020 3540 7776 today for a quote for your UB6 or W11 garden.

Prices for gardening services

Price Workers Additional hours
Gardening services from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Garden Clearance from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Lawn Care & Repair from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Tree Surgery Contact customer service for a special offer
Outdoor repairs
Jet Wash from £4 / sq m
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You Deserve a Landscaping done by the Experts from our Company in Perivale

If you consider yourself a weekend warrior when it comes to gardening, you probably enjoy getting your hands in the dirt in your Warwick Avenue, Hanwell or W7 garden.

You might even consider yourself one of the gardening experts who can coax a blossom out of the most stubborn flower.

But no matter how green your thumb is, there’s always room for a little extra help, especially at the start or end of the gardening season. A garden clean up or a patio cleaning will get you off on the right foot so your Bond Street or UB10 garden will look great.

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Landscaping Worth every Penny in Perivale, UB6

Garden design and redesign is also a great way to add value to your home.

If you live in West Ealing, Fulham or Bedford Park and are looking to sell your house, putting a little bit of effort into keeping the garden looking great could be well worth it in the end.

The best way to get your W3 or W6 garden looking great would be with one of our Garden Tidy Ups or a garden clearance. Then have our gardeners come by for regular lawn care and garden maintenance. You’ll have the best-looking garden on the block!

Perivale landscaping

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