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Changing something in the garden isn’t as easy as it may seem at first.

DIY gardening is great, if you’ve got the time and a fair amount of disposable income.

But if you’re busy and would still love to see your Strawberry Hill, TW1 garden looking great, then we’ve got the solution for you. Have our gardeners do a planting of bushes and shrubs and if you are satisfied with these services you can book a regular hedge trimming TW1. Enjoy your garden to the fullest by having a well-shaped shrubbery. Contact us at 020 3540 7776 right now and you will get great deals.

Hedge Cutting TW1 Hedge Trimmer Strawberry Hill

At the end of the summer, it’s back-to-school time and it can be difficult to remember that you must trim the hedges regularly.

If your garden in Strawberry Hill, TW1 has suffered from a bit of neglect during this busy time of year, you’re not alone.

Have our gardeners come and do some regular hedge trimming in TW1 whilst you do the school runs, the shopping, the commute and everything else on your to-do list. Whatever kind of gardening service you need help with, we’ll be there in a flash to relieve you. When you call 020 3540 7776 now, you’ll get a free quote.

TW1 shrubs cutting

Quote U. Plumber

I left their gardeners to it in my garden in TW1, came back to inspect their work a couple of hours later, and I couldn't believe what I saw. It's as if I was walking into a different garden!

Quote Gretchen M.

Home Garden continues to push forward with their fabulous hedge trimming service in Strawberry Hill. Your prices are extremely competitive. I hope they stay low.

Quote Connie B.

Their lawn mowing service just can't be beat! I have Home Garden come out regularly to Strawberry Hill to keep my lawn nice, even and trimmed.

Hedge Trimming Designs are our Specialty in Strawberry Hill, TW1

Digging in the dirt is every child’s dream.

But letting the kids explore and get a little dirty is very different from getting up to your elbows in the mud yourself.

While some people enjoy getting close to nature in this way, others would prefer their SW20, TW11 and Addington gardens to simply become green and lovely overnight, or rather, with just a snap of the fingers. When you hire us to do your Hanworth or Colliers Wood garden, that’s just what will happen. Go away to work one day and upon your return, you’ll find that the garden clean up is done!

Prices for gardening services

Price Workers Additional hours
Gardening services from £97 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Garden Clearance from £97 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Lawn Care & Repair from £97 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Tree Surgery from £106 / hour 2 men / hour £50,00
Landscaping from £106 / hour 2 men / hour £50,00
Outdoor repairs from £106 / hour 2 men / hour £50,00
Jet Wash from £2.5 / sq m
Gutter Cleaning from £12
Window cleaning from £1
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Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of the household chores.

The laundry could be piling up, the dishes filling the sink and the grass growing longer by the minute while you’re trying to get something else done around the home.

For a bit of help with keeping the garden tame in Addington, Hanworth or Colliers Wood, have one of our garden professionals do the lawn mowing on a regular basis. It’s one thing you can scratch off your to-do list every week. You could have a great garden in SW20, TW11 or KT6 without lifting a finger – well, just lift one to call us.

Strawberry Hill shrubs pruning TW1

Leave the Hedge Trimming to us in Strawberry Hill

This year, why not make the garden a priority? If you’re like many of your neighbours in SW6, TW10 or SW20, you’ve probably been promising yourself year after year to actually spend some time in the garden to get it looking the way you’d like.

But then springtime comes and goes and the garden gets forgotten.

When you hire us for lawn care or garden design services, your Hanworth, Colliers Wood or St Helier garden can look great right from the get-go. Don’t let another year go by without having a go in the garden – we can help!

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