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Have you moved around a lot recently? If you’ve been a student within the last couple of years, the answer is probably ‘yes’.

If you find yourself finally settling down in a home or a leased property that you plan to stay in for a while in Longford, UB7, make the place truly your own with a garden design service from Home Garden.

Our gardeners can help you create a relaxing oasis or a beautiful lawn to enjoy for the long term in Longford, UB7. Go on and make yourself at home with a patio cleaning or a garden clearance today. Just call us at 020 3540 7776 .

UB7 Garden Designers Longford

You won’t be disappointed by our one-off gardening services, nor by our regular lawn care and garden maintenance services.

Our amazing gardeners do their best each and every day to treat our customers in Longford, UB7 like royalty.

Your UB7 garden may be a small postage-stamp-sized plot, but with our garden design service, we can turn it into a green oasis. Or perhaps a London garden clean up is just the thing if you’ve been away for a while and your UB7 garden needs some attention. Learn more about our gardener services at 020 3540 7776 . We will give you a special deal.

UB7 gardeners Longford

Quote Alexandra W.

It's clear that these individuals love what they do and take great pride in delivering top-notch results for their clients.

Quote Leslie E.

For years, this team has been taking care of our lawn with utmost professionalism and precision. The gardeners' extensive knowledge shines through in every task they complete, making it a pleasure to have them as our go-to lawn care experts.

Quote Steve E.

I am blown away by how dedicated and knowledgeable the team at Home Garden is; they truly go above and beyond for their customers.

Quote T. Bryant

The gardener has truly worked wonders on our garden! He is dependable, skilled, and attentive to instructions. With his assistant's help, they transformed our garden into a well-maintained space with all the debris properly disposed of.

Quote Phoebe B.

A huge thank you to your dedicated gardening team for their expertise in designing our dream garden with a breathtaking porcelain patio and raised bed perimeter.

Quote Neil Babcock

I'm completely blown away by this work! Your team has gone above and beyond to create this incredible space and produced amazing results in such a short time-frame. As soon as the paint is dry, we'll be out there enjoying our new area - thank your team for us!

Quote Amanda H.

Their landscaping team came up trumps for me in Longford in my time of need. I needed them to come around urgently. They accommodated my needs and didn't charge extra either. I loved dealing with this company and am so glad I've found them.

Quote Marvin H.

Have you run into a brick wall while searching for someone that offers professional landscaping services in Longford? I advise you to get in contact with Home Garden. Their attitude is great and their skills are second to none.

Quote Oliver

Home Garden in Longford does exquisite garden design work, especially with the bushes and small trees.

Gardeners with Years of Experience in Longford, UB7

Garden services in Longford can be outrageously expensive.

The prices that some lawn maintenance and garden maintenance companies charge mean that many people simply cannot afford to have a lawn mowing, a patio cleaning or a garden clean up in Brook Green, West Ealing, West End or UB7.

But that’s not the case when you hire Home Garden. Our London garden clean up service can rival that of any other gardeners and we’ll do it for far less than the competition. When you ring us up today to enquire about any of our gardening services, you’ll get a free quote for your garden.

Prices for gardening services

Price Workers Additional hours
Gardening services from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Garden Clearance from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Lawn Care & Repair from £127 / visit 2 men for 2 hours £60
Tree Surgery Contact customer service for a special offer
Outdoor repairs
Jet Wash from £4 / sq m
Call Us on 02035407776 for the Best Home Garden Designs

Get Helpful Tips and Tricks from our Gardeners in UB7

If you think of gardening as an unpleasant chore, then we are the solution for your gardening woes in Longford, Brook Green, West Ealing or West End.

We help lots of our customers get out from under the burden of doing the weekly lawn mowing and other lawn care in UB7 and they get to enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful outdoor space without having to put in all the work.

Many people like you in W8 or TW7 relish the idea of having a lovely garden but simply don’t have the time or the ability to make it happen. That’s where we come in!

UB7 gardener service Longford

Fast Acting Gardeners in Longford

Gardening is not often thought of as a luxury.

But having the time to get out in the garden and do everything you want to do truly is a luxury if you’re a busy Londoner.

Have us do the patio cleaning, garden tidy up and the lawn mowing in your W12, Longford or UB7 garden so you can spend your precious free time with the seedlings or the flowers. Give yourself the gift of time this gardening season by calling for help from Home Garden. One call to 020 3540 7776 is all it takes and you’ll get a free quote as well.

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