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20 October 2020

Best Houseplants For Every Personality

houseplant maintenance

You know how some people can be defined by what animal they keep or whether they are a cat or a dog person? Well, peculiarly enough, the same can be done with assessing their gardening preferences. Your choice of flower and amount of garden care that comes with it can also be character-defining. So what do your plants and the way you do your gardening say about you? No need to look any further, here are ten of the most popular house plants. Let us see what they say about their owners.


This is referred to as ‘the safe choice’ by gardening services. You cannot go wrong with a ficus if you want a house plant. Easy to take care of, simple to find a place for. Nothing too hard, nothing too unfamiliar.

Ficus growing


Begonias are often the colour in the room. They bring bright hues in a dark and often unkempt room. People who use begonias mean to say that the home needs colour and that nothing is complete without a touch of something passionate or innocent. It’s the sign of a romantic and completionist.

planting Begonias


This green giant means authenticity. It makes for a dramatic scene, but also a serious office environment. It means you carry around influence and you are not afraid of dealing with big and tough problems.

Monstera garden care


For some reason, this plant says that you are ‘up to date’. If you are taking care of one of these small guys, then you are probably a parent and enjoy working with your kids. You know the fads and knacks, you are always informed and – most of all – you hate grass cutting and will use a small plant that accumulates no need for things like weed control and other blade-y problems.

growing succulents


This is the ‘reaching plant’. It branches and reaches with its colours at different topics. Do you know who else does that? Bloggers! Yes, this is the PC gamers or bloggers, or IT specialists’ favourite plants. One that doesn’t take space, is kept high as their dreams, and is easy to take care of because there are things to do.

Sedum maintenance


Just like the aloe vera, their owners could seem rough and thorny on the surface, but once you get to know them and what they are all about, you see their actual application. They are gentle and practical on the inside and will help you in various ways.

Aloe Vera


The British is strong is these plants’ owners. They have seen one too many Victorian pictures and TV show settings and know that a sophisticated home needs its ferns.

fern planting

Lemon Tree

The simple fascination of having a lemon tree about the house is enough to spur the adventurous home owner into planting one. It also shows some patience – these trees don’t grow fruit for quite a while!

lemon tree care


This is the plant of the creative mind. It is an equivalent of a blank sheet where you can project a variety of ideas. Anybody handy with the clippers can apply some good trimming and hedging and making a really nice plant in your style to enjoy. Also requires some leaf clearance, though.

growing topiary

Fake Plants

This one is simple: you are lazy. Gardening is not for you, but you want colours about the house and paintings are boring. So, naturally, the best choice is to take a fake plant and never pay any more attention to it.

artificial plants

So, what does the plan in your living room say about you? There is a variety of ways to interpret many plants and the choice for picking one, of course, and sometimes it’s just the way it looks, but when a reliable gardener picks a plant, then this means its use is an example of how that person handles life. Draw your own conclusions about your own flowers.

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