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24Feb 2015

How to Prevent Weeds from Growing

weed removal

There is nothing worse than noticing a pile of sneaky weeds taking over your backyard garden in Richmond. Fortunately, there are many methods and techniques that can prevent and remove weeds. These techniques will help you with top quality lawn care and weed control.

-    Mulch – by covering the weed-infested area with mulch, the sunlight will be blocked out and weed growth will be inhibited. Mulch can be any materials such as shredded leaves, wheat straw or newspaper for, particularly bad weed prone areas.


-    Pull up – manually remove weeds by pulling them out of the ground. In this process, wear waterproof, protective gloves and ensure you are in a comfortable and correct posture position.

-    Water weeds – this makes it easy to remove weeds by any method if the soil around them is wet. It loosens the root system of the weeds and won’t disturb surrounding plants as much.


-    Dig out – if weeds keep regrowing, you may need to remove it at the root source. Use a spade or digging fork to remove persistent weeds at the roots.

-    Chop – removing the head of the weed will stop them from spreading their seed and causing more weeds to grow around the yard.

-    Trim – keep the garden edges regularly mowed to prevent weed invasion.


-    Cover gaps – by shading gaps in the spaces between plants you will prevent emerging weeds growing in the soil space.

Picking the right conditions to do the weeding in your garden in Richmond, TW9 is essential to prevent them from becoming out of control. After it has rained and the grass is wet, it is the best time to pull weeds out. Use waterproof gloves and a sitting pad to ensure you are comfortable and protected when pulling weeds. Then when the ground is dry, it is an ideal chance to hoe. Under dry conditions slicing weeds just below the soil lines results in them promptly shrivelling up and dying. Use an old knife to sever weeds in mulch beds and cut them off at the roots.

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When deciding what to do with removed weeds, it is important to remember that heat is the key to destroying the harmful weeds. Don’t drop weeds directly on a compost pile after removing them as this means they can drop seeds and continue infecting the backyard in the TW10 region. Rather, boil the weeds on a hot compost pile and leave on heat for several weeks to make the sure the seeds are killed.

If weeds do get out of control, it may be worth hiring professional gardening services. Professional weed removal can assist in lawn repair and restoration and let the garden surface start again at a healthy and functional level. There are many reliable gardening services that can assist with out of control weed issues.

weed control

Identifying the type of weed growing can better help prevent, control and remove it from your garden in Richmond. Take a sample of a week to a garden nursery centre and ask the expert staff for advice on how to deal with that particular type of weed. There are many products available to help with weed control and it is best to consult with a professional before using chemical-based products in your garden in the TW10 district. Try to avoid using chemicals in garden spraying and stick with organic and natural approaches to weed control first, but if the weeds are growing out of control it may be wise to use weed spray.