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20 October 2020

How to Grow a Plentiful Container Vegetable Garden

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If you always wanted to grow vegetables, but you have limited garden space, then you always have another option. Instead of going through garden clearance and get saddened over every single flower, you have to cut out in order to make space for the vegetables. Ultimately, you don’t have to sacrifice your shrubbery or your favourite flowers or invest too much time in grass cutting in order to plant a few vegetables. Actually, there is an alternative – you can do all that in pots! Yes, that is right, enter the world of container gardening. See how just a few pots can help you grow vegetables that you don’t normally have space for. But what vegetables can be grown in separate containers and how to do it, you ask? Well, read on to find out.


Proper Containers
The container you need to properly grow a crop of any vegetable should be something not very big, but not very small as well. Standard pots, bags and troughs would do perfectly, or just about any container that has a depth of around 50cm. You need the width and depth so that the soil in the container holds on to moisture when you water the root, and keeps the plant dank and fed at all times.

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Proper Filling
You should use compost rather than sand-filled soil for your potted plants. If shopping for it, pick sterile compost that is used in pot planting. You can speak to the clerk to see what are the best types of compost to use for your endeavour. Alternatively, you can mix soil with organic matter and some fertiliser, though that would require some more weed control and is not guaranteed to grow a healthy plant. If you want strictly organic compost for fertilising, then you should learn about home composting and the miracle that manure is when it comes to fertilising... though things could get a bit smelly with this choice.

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Proper Vegetables
Now let’s get down to business. What vegetables can be grown in a pot? Well, here is the list: beetroot, beans, carrots, herbs, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, and radishes. You can start planting any of these types of vegetable. The best season to do so is spring and await them to be ready by autumn, but some of the crops may have their own specific season – you can always get advice about that on the internet. But for the most part, best you start around early spring and you will get good results by late autumn.

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Proper Care
Since you are doing all this in a pot, you will not need to venture in any grass cutting, and very little weed control, but you will still be required to protect the plants from pests, and the mandatory watering. This is of utmost importance – you need to water frequently, but water enough, and not clog the plants, because they will drown and die on you. If you don’t water them regularly enough, on the other hand, they will dry out, which is a common problem with container gardening. Luckily, garden maintenance will not be a problem – you will be individually concerned with each pot. If there is any wilting present, or you see any symptoms of nutrient deficiency, you should think about replanting the vegetable in a bigger container, as some of them really do need their space.

And this is how you do it. It sounds simple enough, so all it is required of you is to exercise diligence and patience, and eventually you will be able to enjoy your very own potted vegetables.

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