17Jul 2015

How to Achieve Beautifully Landscaped and Well-maintained Lawn

lawn maintenance

Everyone loves a beautifully landscaped and well-maintained lawn. But very few gardeners in Finchley know the art of keeping a lawn in shape. This is a daunting task due to the skills and hours of hard work it involves. But, with the help of these simple and easy to follow tips, keeping yours in shape is easy and hassle-free. Just follow these tips and enjoy a beautifully shaped lawn.

• Begin with the soil - Beneath every successful structure is a strong base. The same is the case with your lawn in Finchley, N12. If you desire a perfect grass area, then you must have top quality soil. Different kinds of soils have different features and every soil favours the growth of a certain kind of plant. So, before growing your lawn, check whether your soil supports the structure of the grass type you desire. Once you are done with the planting, ensure that the soil remains healthy enough for developing a well-shaped lawn.

lawn care

• Consistent nourishment - Consistent nourishment is a necessity for the growth of grass. It will require continuous care, including watering and composting. Watering has to be done according to the season in N2 and nature of the soil. Some soils demand more water and some soils require just a little water. At the same time, be stable while using compost. Giving adequate and constant compost to your lawn will make it strong and will help in keeping it in shape in the longer run. Hence we advise you to make regular grass nourishment a part of your daily gardening activities.

lawn planting

• Heal the bare spots - Every lawn has bare spots. These bare spots are created by faulty watering methods. So, the best way to reduce bare spots is to have an effective and perfect watering method. The bare spots can be healed by watering them regularly and planting seeds. Bare spots are can become a hurdle in creating a nice grass area in N12. Therefore, make healing the bare spots a priority for lawn maintenance.

lawn restoration

• Cut the grass at regular intervals - A common mistake people make is leaving the grass uncut for a long period of time. Remember, regular grass cutting is the key to having a well-maintained garden. If the grass is not cut for a long time, then it gets tougher to get the lawn in shape. For best results, plan and schedule the grass cutting at regular intervals. Use a good lawnmower. This allows the grass to grow but also stops it from overgrowing.

grass cutting

• Take help from the pros - If you feel you are unable to handle your garden chores, take help from a professional in Finchley. There are various garden care services available which are ready to help you with your gardening. You can choose the best gardening service according to your demands and your requirements. These experts have adequate knowledge and experience, which helps them in making your lawn look well maintained, one that your neighbours will envy. Plus, most of these garden maintenance services have competitive rates. Hence, you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket while keeping your garden in shape. So, don’t hesitate in hiring a professional service.

gardening experts

So do it yourself, or get a gardener to maintain your lawn. Landscaping and regular maintenance of can create positive vibes within and outside your home. Let your neighbours envy your outdoor space!

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