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20 October 2020

Resistant Plants that Survive in Low Light Spaces

plants to grow in dark places

Not everyone can afford a big, roomy and bright place, with wall-sized windows which let all the sunlight in the world to shine upon your plants and help them with their growth. And then there are those who have a westerly-exposed flats and very little sunlight (and sometimes even daylight). Such flats can host a very limited number of plants unless you want to keep them for no more than a few days. Many plants need bright light to inject that vitamin D and keep them in shape. But there are also plants that do not require as much light and they make garden care worth it as they give you the free time to deal with yourself instead of them.

Here are 10 of those plants:

grow calathea


Beautiful dark leaves with a green-purple pattern and a very thin stem. This is the key to its beauty and light will actually fade the colours and delete what makes it appealing. It requires little maintenance and no trimming and hedging, so it is a nice acquisition.

dragon tree care

Dragon Tree

This plant not only doesn’t need, but also doesn’t want direct sunlight. It will damage the perfect red-green leaves. It requires no grass cutting and very little garden care. You only need to water it every now and then.

growing dieffenbachia


This one needs very little light. Any light you can provide will keep the green heart of the foliage bright and the darkness will keep its edges dark green.

spider plant care

Spider Plants

These excellent and appropriately-named plants are among the most adaptable things in the floral world. Hang them somewhere high, with or without light, and water them to keep them alive. It will all be fine for it because it will make sure it’s fine.

planting bromeliads


This is the rare examples of a flower that could last in a more humid environment, so you can keep it practically everywhere, including your bathroom. It can also live on artificial light instead of daylight so don’t worry about pulling the drapes during hot summer days.

heart-leaf philodendron

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

These green heart-shaped leaves heart care and also heart dim light. They can last easily in a darker environment as long as there is at least indirect light.

peace lily garden maintenance

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a very low-maintenance flower which could go a few days without watering and sometimes even has to dry out so that it can continue thriving. Do some weed control just in case as well, because it sometimes does attract pests.

snake plant care

Snake Plant

Despite looking like something you throw out during weed control, the snake plant is a vivid joy for the house, it just needs low light and infrequent watering.

growing Chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

As evident by its name, this plant can last quite a while. It is also a low-maintenance type that does not need a lot of your attention to live. It needs low light and just a bit of fertilising a couple of times a year, and it will survive just about any flat.

cast-iron plant maintenance

Cast-Iron Plant

This plant can survive just about any environment in terms of temperature, and it lives on low light, so it is one of the most enduring plants you could get.

Pick any of these plants and enjoy their company for as long as you want. They will bring colour in your home and you do not even have to focus that much on things like garden care. Make sure to provide them with the little they need and they will continue being the vivid addition to your home.

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